Tiger and Kiki and More... OH MY!

PUBG 2021 Dev Plan

Greetings From The Battlegrounds Survivors!

After experimenting and learning a lot with smaller maps and their unique gameplay features in 2020, we feel now is the time to refocus on what our core players have been hungry for. 2021 is the year we satisfy appetites by delivering big and being more ambitious than ever!

Miramar’s Overhaul

Miramar is getting a full service tune up that will make it a feast for the eyes and have our deadly desert performing at even greater efficiency.

With Update 12.1, we’ll be introducing a much larger remastering of Mirarmar, taking into account many of the new features we’ve used on our newer maps including lighting, performance, graphical fidelity, topography, and of course special features.

Expect to see big changes to terrain, building textures and layouts. Plus, easier traversal with the removal of unnecessary obstacles, and even updated cliffs to encourage a vertical combat experience.

Miramar’s remaster will make its way to the live server soon, so keep an eye out for more information.

Something BIG Comes This Way…

Imagine a brand new map, 8×8, sprawling landscapes, unique urban environments, crazy new features, now multiply your hype for that by two. We’ve got two, yes TWO NEW 8×8 MAPS cooking in the pan as we speak!

Codename: Tiger

Rrrreow! Careful, this Battleground has claws. Tiger will utilize all the aspects of the Battlegrounds that you’ve known over the years but with one key change; the ability to return to the battle after an initial defeat. This is a feature we’ve seen become fairly common in the Battle Royale genre and is something we’ve been asked about quite a bit, especially when it comes to duos and squads. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll see we’ve experimented a bit recently with what respawning on a Battleground looks like and Tiger is a big reason why.

Besides respawns, new features never seen before in PUBG will continually be added to Tiger, it’s gonna be wild!

Codename: Kiki

In late 2021/early 2022, we hope to launch yet another 8×8 map we currently refer to as Kiki. Kiki will boast a diverse set of locations, from mysterious underground labs to massive skyscrapers, swampland, subways and underwater buildings. We’re looking at many different locations to thrill and challenge survivors in our most diverse and exploration focused Battleground yet. Planning for Kiki is still pretty early, but we’ll be back with more information later in the year.

Thank YOU

We’re beyond excited for PUBG in the coming months. Our hope is these huge 8×8 survival experiences will test even the most battle-hardened Survivors out there. We’re grateful for your passion for PUBG and we cannot wait to share more information on these projects with you so stay tuned! Until then, see you on the Battlegrounds!

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