Mise à jour console 6.3 - Notes de version

Le Panzerfaust débarque sur Karakin, avec un rééquilibrage de certaines armes, quelques corrections de bugs, et des améliorations de la qualité de vie

April 1 Hotfix


  • Re-introduced Sanhok and Vikendi maps to TDM
  • Fixed an issue where Xbox players were unable to search for PS4 players
  • Fixed an issue where a weapon in the 2nd slot moves when pulling the pin out of a throwable
  • Fixed an issue where the motorcycle skin is not shown in the level 100 “Speed Demon” Survival Mastery pose
  • Fixed an issue where S686 and S1897 shotgun shells display incorrectly while reloading if a skin has been applied to the weapon
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from inviting their friends to custom matches after pressing the invite button
  • [TDM] Fixed an issue that caused players to climb stairs unnaturally after respawning
  • [TDM] Fixed an issue causing the Equipment/Backpack icons to occasionally not show on the UI
  • [TDM] Fixed an issue where Blue Zone damage is not dealt to players that stand up after crouching or proning outside the playable area


La mise à jour 6.3 arrive sur les serveurs Live avec son lot de nouveautés. Le Panzerfaust débarque sur Karakin, ainsi que les skins du 3ème anniversaire pour le cadeau de fin de mois, un rééquilibrage de certaines armes, quelques corrections de bugs, et des améliorations de la qualité de vie. Nous avons également ajouté le changement très demandé d’invincibilité en Match à mort par équipe. Lisez la suite pour tous les détails.

Maintenance : 

Jeudi 26 mars de 6h00 à 8h00 CET

L’heure peut changer, nous vous tiendrons informés sur Twitter.

Note : Il n’y aura pas de mise à jour du serveur test PUBG.

Nouvelle arme : Panzerfaust

Nous avons montré le Panzerfaust dans nos vidéos depuis le début de la saison 6, et nous le mettons enfin entre vos mains! Bien qu’il soit un puissant outil de dégâts de zone sur le champs de bataille, il y a quelques inconvénients. Tout d’abord, il occupe un emplacement d’arme principal, limitant vos options à Karakin. Le projectile se déplace assez rapidement, mais peut être esquivé par un joueur attentif. Au moment du tir, il y a une flamme à l’arrière, alors faites attention à vos camarades avant de presser la gâchette.

  • Exclusivité Karakin
  • Apparition aléatoire à travers la carte
  • Garanti d’être dans tous les largages aériens
  • La tête explosive du Panzerfaust explose lors de l’impact, mais peut également exploser dans les air
    • Le rayon des dégâts est 6m
    • L’explosion peut causer des dégâts à travers des murs et objets à une courte distance
    • Peut être utilisé pour casser des murs spécifiques sur Karakin, comme la bombe collante
    • La fusée explosera dans les airs, avant l’impact, si elle est endommagée par une autre explosion ou touchée par une balle
  • Usage unique

    • Une fois la roquette partie, le lanceur Panzerfaust sera jeté à terre et ne pourra pas être récupéré
  • Le tir produit un effet de souffle et une flemme, faites attention !
    • Le souffle fait des dégâts à tous dans une zone de 3m à l’arrière du lanceur
    • Faites attention à vos co-équipiers ou un mur se trouvant à l’arrière. Vous êtes avertis.
  • Options d’ajustement du viseur 60, 100 (par défaut) et 150 mètres.

Weapon Balance Changes

As we near the end of the season, we’re also doing a little balance shuffle on a few weapons. The Tommy Gun has been weak for a while, so we’re adding a sight slot for red dots and holos and upping damage, the M249 is moving from Care Packages to normal loot but is also losing a little damage and getting a bit more recoil, and the UMP-45 was nerfed a little too hard with the switch from 9mm, so we’re giving it some love across the board. Take a look below for all the changes.

Tommy Gun

  • Stronger and more versatile. You can now also attach Red Dots and Holos to your Tommy.
    • Added upper rail to attach Red Dot and Holo Sights
    • Increased rate of fire from 700 to 750
    • Increased firing accuracy
      • We’ve reduced the bullet deviation penalty when firing for an extended duration
    • Increased moving accuracy
    • Decreased recoil when firing for an extended duration
      • This is due to the increased rate of fire


  • Removed from Care Packages and added to normal loot on ALL maps Can now take more attachments but is tougher to control and does less damage.
    • Added Stock attachment slot
      • A Tactical Stock can be equipped to improve weapon stability
    • Added Magazine attachment​ slot
      • Reduced standard ammo capacity to 75
      • Now holds 150 with an extended mag
    • Decreased base bullet damage from 45 to 40
    • Increased recoil
    • Found on ALL maps
    • Semi-rare spawn


  • An increase in power across the board, making the UMP a more viable choice for your arsenal.
    • Increased base bullet damage​ from 39 to 41
    • Increased rate of fire from 650 to 670
    • Increased muzzle velocity from 300 to 360
      • This means an increase to the speed at which bullets leave the barrel, making it a bit easier to track moving targets.


  • Removed from Care Packages
  • Now found on ALL maps as rare ground loot

Dev Note: Due to community feedback, we’re changing some of our initial plans. The M249 will be available on ALL maps as uncommon ground loot, as will the DBS which has also been removed from Care Packages.

Alongside these balance changes, the M249 and Tommy Gun models and firing sounds have been updated.

‘Console QOL: 1st Controller improvement’ on Preset A

  • On PresetA, while holding Aim/ADS, you will keep your Aim/ADS even if you take an action such as falling, jumping, crouching or prone.
    • Example) When moving while holding ADS, you fall down the hill or under the building:
      • Before: You must release the ADS button and hold it again
      • After: You will continue to hold your ADS as soon as the falling action is finished

Dev Note: After the 5.2 update last of ‘Console QOL: 1st Controller improvement’, we’ve received feedback to apply this on PresetA as well. Here we brought into Preset A! Thank you for using well of our updated features and hope this deployment provides enjoyable play experience.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Improved visibility of nearby items on the ground by enhancing the glowing effect and adding a new pulse effect
  • The new pulse effect can be disabled and is listed as « Item Flashing Effect » under Gameplay settings
  • [Team Deathmatch] Invincibility will now be removed instantly when engaging in combat (firing a weapon, throwing grenade etc.)
  • [Team Deathmatch] Now Rich Presence will let your Xbox friends know when you’re fragging in TDM


  • Added additional ringtone for the Sticky Bomb
  • Low volume humming sound can now be heard while within 10~15m from Blue Zone
    • This should help players identify when the Blue Zone is getting close

Survivor Pass: Shakedown

  • The 3rd track of Survivor Pass missions has been unlocked! The new missions follow an explosive theme
  • The current season of both the Survivor Pass and Survival Title System will end on April 24 PDT 2am  / April 24 CEST 11am
    • Last two weeks before the pass ends, there will be a countdown on the Survivor Pass lobby banner notifying players of the pass end date
    • A pop-up message will be displayed to users purchasing Premium Pass, alerting them of the time left until pass end
  • Premium Pass and Level-up items can be purchased until the Pass period ends
  • Result page will be shown from April 24 PDT 2am  / April 24 CEST 11am until maintenance on April 28

Dev Note: We have extended the Survivor Pass end date by three days due to the previous mission unlocking issue.

Custom Match

  • Karakin is now available in Custom Matches
  • Added Esports mode presets
    • Default preset
      • Normal BR settings with Esports vehicle spawns
    • 2020 Global Rule settings
  • Erangel classic won’t be available in custom match
  • ‘KillerSpectateMode’ is now enabled for Normal Mode and Esport Mode custom matches.

Misc. Changes

  • Sticky Bombs can now be found in Training Mode
  • Miramar has been temporarily removed from regular matchmaking due to frequent game crashes on this map

Bug Fixes

  • Gameplay
    • Fixed the issue with location of teammate’s character not synchronized with observer’s display in certain situations
    • Fixed the issue with the gun firing sound becomes muffled when spectating.
    • Fixed an issue where weapons could clip with a character when using Victory dance 14 emote.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being able to complete « Earn a kill with a sticky bomb » missions when killing a DBNO player with a sticky bomb.
    • Fixed an issue where a character could use a bandage without holstering their weapon.
    • Fixed an issue where the wrong cinematic trailer is shown for the 2nd community mission reward.
    • UI/UX
      • Fixed the issue with ‘Round 3’ message constantly displayed and round not starting in Team Deathmatch
      • Fixed the issue with the name of Victory dance 12 emote not displayed properly
  • Voicechat
    • Fixed the issue with Team voice chat not working when player comes back to lobby after entering XBOX app setting screen after joining party in lobby.
  • Skin &  Item
    • Fixed the issue when wearing Playerunknown’s trench coat, the waist clips with the coat
    • Fixed the issue with all glasses & mask items not being displayed when equipping Golden Dragon Traditional Cap
    • Fixed an issue with the ‘Killer Clown’ costume clipping with certain weapons and blocking the players sight while ADSing.
  • Sound
    • Fixed the issue with BlackZone siren and explosion sounds are too loud.
  • Survivor Pass Mission
    • Fixed the issue with being able to accomplish the mission ‘Reach top 10 after earning a kill with QBZ/AKM’ in certain situations
    • Fixed an issue where the in-game mission list was not being displayed in public matches after playing in game modes that don’t count towards survivor pass missions.
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘explosive’ mission list is displayed abnormally and not able to be completed.


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