PUBG: NEW STATE Rules of Conduct


  1. General Rule

This Rules of Conduct regulate general matters that end users and company should comply with in relation to the services of PUBG: NEW STATE (hereinafter referred to as “Game”) provided by KRAFTON, Inc. (“KRAFTON”). It is aimed to regulate necessary requirements in consistent manner to cope with various situations that may arise in the process of using and providing game services.

The matters that are not specifically mentioned in the Rules of Conduct shall be treated in accordance with the Terms of Use and relevant jurisdiction.


  1. Changes in Rules of Conduct

If KRAFTON decides to change Rules of Conduct in order to improve quality of game service, KRAFTON will notify effective date, revised contents and reasons for revision at least 7 days prior to the effective date through KRAFTON homepage. However, we will notify you from 30 days prior to the changes if such changes are regarded as serious matter or may be unfavorable to you. If a user fails to comply with revised Rules of Conduct after the last revision date, it is not KRAFTON’s responsibility to compensate any loss incurred due to lack of awareness from the user.


  1. Duties and Responsibilities of KRAFTON

1) KRAFTON will endeavor to eradicate misconducts described in the Rules of Conduct to ensure that the users can enjoy playing the game.


2) KRAFTON will never ask you for your password, and KRAFTON will be committed to protect and securely manage user’s personal information. However, when a government agency or a judicial authority requests to provide personal information through legal means, KRAFTON may provide personal information to those government agencies.


3) KRAFTON receives feedback on all types of bugs and errors through KRAFTON’s official customer support center and official community, and KRAFTON will be committed to promptly review and correct bugs and errors.


4) KRAFTON will not intervene or engage in activities and disputes between and/or among end users in relation to game services.


5) KRAFTON may restrict some or all of the game services if KRAFTON determines that such unusual or unintended situations hinder enjoyment of the gameplay.


6) If you or group of users do anything that might interfere with or adversely affect any services provided by KRAFTON) or violates the Rules of Conduct, KRAFTON shall, in accordance with the ‘Penalty criteria for Misconduct specified in the Rules of Conduct, restrict service usage.


  1. End User’s Responsibilities and Rights

1) You are obliged to understand and comply with KRAFTON’s Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct.


2) The company reserves all rights about in-game data (characters, items, game currency, etc.) created by you when using the game service, and you reserve right only to use in-game data.


3) If you are unfairly treated or incurred harm using the game service, you have the right to appeal and correct KRAFTON through legitimate methods and procedures. If you have been unfairly treated or harmed by another customer, you have the right to notify and ask other users to comply with Rules of Conduct.


4) You have an obligation to be fully informed about the information that KRAFTON officially announces, and KRAFTON shall not be responsible for any damages incurred due to lack of awareness about the announcements.


5) You are not allowed to generate any profit using the game service without prior approval from KRAFTON.


6) You may not use the information obtained through Game Service such as copying, duplication, modification, translation, publishing or otherwise providing this information to others without prior consent from KRAFTON.


7) You may be liable for distributing false information not officially announced by KRAFTON in any manner that is likely to cause confusion to other end users.


8) You must notify KRAFTON of any glitches (such as bugs, system errors, illegal programs, etc.) of the game service and should not exploit and/or propagate such information to other users. If you discover any vulnerability and do not disclose it to KRAFTON and forward it to another person, you may be subject to restrictions to the use of the game services in accordance with the Rules of Conduct, which is regarded as intentional misconduct.


9) You can make inquiries, suggestions and requests related to game services through following channels.


– Customer Support Center: [email protected]


– As a general rule, we will respond promptly to inquiries, suggestions, requests, feedback you have given through Customer Center. However, the response may be delayed if there is a heavy workload.


  1. Policies for Misconduct

In order to provide a fair and pleasant gaming experience for all users, KRAFTON has defined policies which all users need to comply with when using our service. All users playing the game must comply with the following rules.


1) Do Not Use Unauthorized Programs and Hardware Devices

If you use unauthorized programs and hardware devices that are not permitted or authorized by the company (collectively “Unauthorized hardware”, that promotes unfair game play using specific mouse or other hardware device), you may be subject to strong penalties, such as permanent game ban and restrictions of using the Service on your hardware devices. If you develop, advertise, trade or distribute unauthorized programs or unauthorized hardware, the Company will take legal action against your misconduct and may ask the judicial authorities for investigation in accordance with relevant laws as well as imposing penalty within the game.


2) Do Not Modify the Game Client, Servers or Game Data (packet, etc.)

Unauthorized changes to game client (APK file, ini file modification, etc) / servers / data (such as packets) are actions that interferes with game services and violate copyright laws.


3) Do Not Exploit Vulnerabilities in the Game (Bugs and Glitches)

Users exploiting errors and bugs found while playing the game will be liable for serious penalties and we will take actions against taking unfair advantage through official procedures and acquired game currency and items will be removed.


4) Do Not Discriminate Against Others (e.g. racial or sexual discrimination)

It is unacceptable to disrespect or use offensive words towards others based on their race, gender, nationality, etc. Please be friendly and respectful towards all players.


5) Do Not Use Inappropriate Nicknames

Offensive nicknames or those that may provoke negative imagery are considered to be violating the Rules of Conduct and appropriate action may be taken against users who create them.

– A nickname that is sexually explicit or obscene;

– A nickname that is made with the intention to impersonate Krafton or our staff;

– A nickname that is discriminatory in nature;

– A nickname that may infringe on the trademark or copyright of a third party;

– A nickname that is sensitive or causes offence for any other reason not mentioned above;

In addition, if you change a few letters of an inappropriate nickname, or try to construct nicknames that are cleverly inappropriate by mixing other characters before and after the letters, your nickname will be immediately changed without your consent and/or penalty measures will be taken.


6) Do Not Team kill

Team kill is prohibited as it interferes with normal team gameplay and penalties may be imposed if teamkill is determined to be intentional and reoccurring.


7) Do Not Team (Form Teams Outside What is Allowed By The Selected Game Mode)

Intentional teaming between players or other teams in ways that the KRAFTON system does not presuppose in each game mode is considered an unacceptable behavior and penalties may be imposed. In the case of when you have received advantages by creating a team with a user who continuously or intentionally uses an unauthorized program, measures may be taken against you, as you are considered a member of an abnormal team.


8) Do Not Stalk Other Players from Match to Match

Penalties may be imposed if you try to stalk other players in order to interfere with normal gameplay.


9) Do Not Publish Personal Information

Penalties may be imposed if you publish personal information of others (e.g. disclosing personal information of others to third parties or making it publicly available), which is regarded as an act that violates privacy.


10) Do not Manipulate Match Results

Strong penalties may be imposed on those who manipulate the results of the game in an unfair way, by taking unfair advantage in exchange for cash, goods and/or services, manipulating additional accounts in addition to their own account. For those who gets caught will end up losing all acquired items.


11) Do Not Steal Other User’s Account

In the case of when attempts to access another user’s account have been detected, the account may be restricted from access to secure the user’s information and account.


12) Do Not AFK(Away From Keyboard or idling)

Penalties may be imposed on players who go AFK while in a match. Being AFK can place your teammates at a disadvantage or otherwise undermine the gameplay experience. Players who AFK repeatedly to earn points or other account related progression or rewards will be penalized with all account progression and items removed.


13) Do Not Trade/Sell Accounts

Measures will be taken against the act of accessing accounts that are not in your possession and trading or selling the accounts or its game data without the company’s written approval.


14) Do Not Disturb Business Operations

Users who spread false information, abuse customer service platform, impersonate oneself as an employee, create and spread rumors, or conduct any other acts that disturbs the company’s normal business operations may even lead to being permanently banned from the game depending on the seriousness of the misconduct.


15) Do not Play the Game Abnormally

If any abnormal gameplaying patterns have been detected that are impossible to be performed in our game, measures could be taken against the account that performed such action in order to create a fair gameplaying environment.


16) Other Undefined Misconduct

Any action which is not defined in the Rules of Conduct that negatively impacts the delivery of KRAFTON’s services or negatively affects other players may be subject to warning and penalty through careful review of the circumstances.


  1. Penalty Criteria for Misconduct

1) Penalty Criteria is used to protect the customer’s enjoyment while playing the game.

2) If you fail to comply with Rules of Conduct, you may be restricted from using the service without prior notice in accordance with Penalty Criteria for Misconduct

3) If your violation attempt goes over the final attempt listed in the table below, permanent ban applies.

4) If you violate any of the criteria listed in the table below and your ID is listed in the rank, your ID will be temporarily or permanently removed from the rank.

5) We define exploiting bugs and glitches as an act which involves acquiring game currency and items by exploiting bugs and glitches in the system.


6) In principal, the company considers the standard of the most severe penalty to be imposing the banning period stated in the “Penalty Criteria for Misconduct”; however, depending on the seriousness of the misconduct, the imposed penalty may become more or less severe.


7) The Company may restrict users from running the game if misconduct was found from specific hardware device in order to maintain fair gaming environment.


8) Any game currency, items, and other character-related data can be removed if they have been obtained through misconduct; and depending on the seriousness of the misconduct, not only the character data of what has been obtained, but also the user’s entire character data may be deleted.


  1. Recovery policy

We are unable to recover any losses that arise from not following the rules of conduct, in-game notices, homepage notices, policies, game systems, etc.


Supplementary Provision

Effective date = 25th of February, 2021